The Toyota Way in Sales & Marketing

The Secretes of Toyota’s application of the Toyota Production System in Sales and Marketing is revealed.

This book highlights the adaptation of Lean manufacturing principles to a sales organization. It discusses how to use the principles of Lean and Kaizen within the structure and framework of customer service, dealer networks, sales experience concept, and feedback to the manufacturing arm of Toyota.

Mr. Ishizaka brought Lexus to the United States and led its sales success in America.
Many companies are trying to implement Lean in non-traditional environments like service centers, sales organizations, or transactional environments. Mr. Ishizaka provides insight of how to apply Lean operational principles in these dynamic and complicated environments.

It is a GROUND BREAKING book that reveals Toyota’s Way in Sales and Marketing!

“Toyota’s strength doesn’t come from its production system alone. With this book, I hope people realize that there is also a Toyota Way that strengthens sales!”
Fujio Cho, Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation

“Putting customers first is more than a slogan at Toyota. They work hard to ingrain in every engineer, every person in a service parts warehouse, every sales associate who makes contact with customers, and every person building cars that the company exists to serve customers and society.”
Jeffrey Liker, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Toyota Way.

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