Samsung USB & SD Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 / 10.v / 8.9

Samsung USB & SD Connection Kit allows you to truly expand the capabilities of your Galaxy Tab 10.1 or 8.9. The SD Adapter allows you to transfer pictures or multimedia files from an SD or micro SD card to your tablet’s internal storage in a matter of seconds. The USB Adapter turns your Galaxy Tab into a USB host, allowing you to connect compatible USB accessory devices such as keyboards, mice, thumb drives and more to your Tab.
Easily transfer photos from your digital camera to your Tab for viewing or sharing. Stream songs or videos from your SD device or transfer them over to your Tab’s internal storage to access them whenever you’d like.
The USB & SD Connection Kit comes with a micro SD Adapter, allowing you to transfer pictures and multimedia files from a microSD card.
The USB Adapter enhances the capabilities of your Tab, providing a solution for user-friendly removable data storage or the sharing of your favorite multimedia files with your Tab. Insert a USB mouse or keyboard to improve enterprise efficiency at the office or at home.
OEM Samsung 30-Pin to USB & SD Connection Kit for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 / 10.v / 8. includes a USB Adapter, SD Adapter, and micro SD Adapter.

List Price: $29.99

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