Overcoming Objections: The Dynamic Manager’s Handbook On How To Handle Sales Objections (The Dynamic Manager’s Handbooks)

Many obstacles get in the way of closing a sale, but customer objections are the most prevalent. Whether dealing with ever-present price objections or the infuriating “maybe” obstacle, good sellers don’t try to win the argument, they work to win the sale. If you use a jujitsu approach—using the objection’s own weight and momentum to further your goals—you’ll close more sales.

To overcome objections, be an ally to your customers, not their adversary. Don’t try to prove them wrong for refusing to buy your product, create a way for them to buy it. Don’t demonstrate their ignorance, educate them so they can make better-informed decisions. In other words, don’t overcome their objections, answer their questions instead. Above all, don’t strive to win the argument, concentrate on winning the sale.

“Objections In Four Steps” takes the salesperson through a revolutionary, no-conflict method of overcoming objections while strengthening bonds with the customer.

“Four Non-Price Objections” explores several obstacles to closing the sale that don’t have anything to do with the price of your product or service.

“The Path Around Price Objections” is something every salesperson needs on nearly every sale. Learn how to determine whether the customer is objecting or simply negotiating, then how to get past the objection to close the sale.

“The Maybe Challenge” explains how to answer the four deadliest words in sales: “I’ll think about it.

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