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I was on the Wednesday Night  Webinar as usual; I am still  on a Network Marketers High!
I could not wait until I came home from work today to create this post for you…

I’m not sure if you are aware, but I work full time to pay the bills and I build a life style part time from 6pm -12am with a Network & Internet Marketing business.
You may be working full time, attend to the kids,attention to a spouse, plus building a business, which can be a quite an arduous task…
To be successful in any business organization is critical.  As Network Marketers, we must stay on top of our game be following up with our customers, giving them the attention  needed to take action.

To keep it real, sometimes I get caught up doing other things and I forget to do a call or send an email to my list.  It’s quite possible that it can cost me a sale or a new team member.
Last tonight’s webinar was Bananas!

Network Marketers CRM

We were introduced to an  amazing new tool that can served as a personal assistant! Oh, how I loved that!
Have you EVER…
  • Forget to call a team member?
  • Miss an important training?
  • Forget what content was discussed on a call?

This Network Marketing tool is packed with so many components such as:

  • Autoresponder: the tool will follow up with your leads automatically
  • Contact Manager: See your contacts information, notes, calendar and follow up information in one place
  • Call Organizer: You’ll know exactly who you have to call and when
  • Full Calendar: See in one glance what you have to do today, this week or this month!

and much  much  more…

Click Here to get this Network Marketers Tool  FREE for 30 days!

So if you  seriously want to increase your productivity, organize yourself to be more successful and make more money in your business!


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Network Marketers



Daria Jackson-Legagneur


Network Marketers




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