OnFire Matrix Review – Is It a Profitable Opportunity?

Onfire Matrix

My Onfire Matrix Opportunity Review is a view from a neutral standpoint. I am in no shape, form nor fashion affiliated with Onfire Matrix. Iwas inspired to write about it because I received a call from someone today inquiring about the opportunity.

If you are reading this review, it is most likely because you are either an active representative of Onfire Matrix, you are looking for a business opportunity. Furthermore, you may just want to do your due diligence by reading what people are saying about Onfire Matrix.  I suggest that before you make a decision to join read the post in it’s entirety.

About  The OnFire Matrix Opportuuity

OnFireMatrix is a global home based business opportunity that launched in October 2011.  OnFire Matrix co-founders Will Williams and Flynn McCartney had a vision to help people from all over the globe earn income from home.

OnFireMatrix.com is something worth  exploring if you still have faith that there is something out there that can truly work.  This business opportunity has great online products and an explosive compensation plan unlike anything you have ever seen in the past.


On Fire Matrix is designed to progressively help you , the Network Marketer be successful no matter your skill level or experience in the network marketing industry is.

What is so cool about this Onfire Matrix opportunity?

The thing that is really so cool about OnFireMatrix is something called the Global Network Build. The global network build means that EVERYONE in the company helps everyone else.

In this opportunity, it will not just be the leaders who make money. Those people who are not heavy recruiters with huge lists and databases will finally make money.. for a change.  Everybody from across the globe enrolled in this company WILL HELP EACH OTHER.


The launch of OnFireMatrix is truly exciting due to the excellent products and state of the art patented compensation plan. OnFireMatrix.com gives people a chance to start a home based business for $50.00 US dollars and $10.00 a month software/admin fee.

On Fire Matrix.com offers commissions for marketing and selling there  product, educational ebooks and downloads. By simply selling a product pack to two people and teaching them to duplicate this simple concept, you have the opportunity to progress through On Fire Matrix.com compensation plan. 

Many members recognize the incredible income opportunity offered and how this can lead to the creation of a life changing income stream without interfering with your current career. On Fire Matrix.com provides all members with personal marketing websites, PowerPoint presentations, Conference calls, Webinars and other resources so they can promote OnFireMatrix.com.


The compensation plan consists of a 2×2 matrix and a 2×3 matrix.

Members receive commission by progressing through each level starting with a 2×2 matrix. With continued effort members can qualify to earn commissions over and over again.

Buy purchasing  a $50  Product pack, you will immediately receive your products and placement into the Compensation Program.

Refer 2 more customers to OnFireMatrix.com by promoting your personal replicating website. It qualifies you to withdraw earned commissions through AlertPay.

The recorded webinar or live webinar will reveal  how the  ingenious “Global Network Build” can help all involve  to earn lucrative income from home.


The On Fire Matrix plan creates loyalty and trust while establishing bonds within the global community. Through this team work there motto of One Dream – One Team will help to elevate people’s lives and help each other to establish short and long term financial returns and personal fulfillment.

The  On Fire Matrix Compensation Plan


2x3levels 300x217 Compensation Plan

  • Earn $100 on Each Cycle
  • Plus Receive Two New Pay Centers – 1 (FSP) and 1 (GNB) on Every Cycle!


  • Earn $600 on Each Cycle
  • Plus Receive Two New Pay Centers – 1 (FSP) and 1 (GNB) on Every Cycle!


  • Earn $3000 on Each Cycle
  • Plus Receive Two New Pay Centers – 1 (FSP) and 1 (GNB) on Every Cycle!

2X3 FIRE LEVEL 10002x3FireLevel1000 300x218 Compensation Plan

  • Earn $6000 on Each Cycle
  • Plus Receive Two New Pay Centers – 1 (FSP) and 1 (GNB) on Every Cycle!


  • Earn $18,000 on Each Cycle
  • Plus Receive Two New Pay Centers – 1 (FSP) and 1 (GNB) on Every Cycle!


  • Earn $36,000 on Each Cycle
  • Plus Receive Two New Pay Centers -1 (FSP) and 1 (GNB) on Every Cycle!

Over and over!

Here’s the real deal.    Onfire Matrix is  a legitimate company with legitimate products and can be a lucrative business for the right person. However, having  the right marketing skill can lead to success with Onfire Matrix and any network marketing opportunity. To learn how to market your Onfire Matrix  business effectively online and offline,  Learn more about how to use an Online Attraction Marketing System that generates leads for you to talk to while branding you as a leader and teaching your downline to duplicate the same, by clicking here! You will be redirected to a video or page inside to see for yourself what this system can do for you and your Onfire Martix Opportunity.

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Onfire Matrix


Onfire Matrix






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