Internet Network Marketing Secrets Revealed

secretsInternet Network Marketing Secrets Revealed

There’s some perplexity between the term “Internet marketing” and “network marketing” and the two terms actually overlap each other one may be employed to promote the other.

Internet network marketing usually means promoting a product using social networking sites and blogs, or via forums or by building an internet site, and the enormous difference between Internet and network marketing is that network marketers are continually looking to build a team who also promote their products. The brilliant thing is if you are pushing your product successfully, others who want to get into the network marketing business will see that, and they may soon need to join your team.

If you are good at affiliate marketing, and you promote your product via your website and thru blogs and other social media sites, why would you need to become a multilevel marketing pro?

The answer is that in the longer term you can make lots more money being in MLM, particularly when you realize that after you have inducted a team to work for you, they will be making money for you, without much effort on your part.

Imagine having a successful downline team of perhaps a few thousand folks, who were all contented and takings important incomes themselves – now you can see by you earning commissions from their sales, how much more successful you can become. With affiliate marketing you make a tiny % on every sale that you make, and then must wait for the next sale to come along – everything you do is by your own hand. With network marketing all those alternative folk are earning for you, even while you’re at the beach!

For sake of debate, shall we say you work twenty hours a week on your network marketing business, and over a period you recruit another twenty people who all work roughly twenty hours a week – if you do the math that implies there’s an additional four hundred hours added to your working week!

Internet Network Marketing Earnings Opportunity

I know folks who earn an income through both internet marketing and network marketing and in the longer term the seriously successful network marketers end up working less hours and making additional cash. Why?

Because the successful internet marketing pros always have to keep on top of the most recent products to promote and consistently have to build back links to their websites and get new content onto their sites on a regular basis.

Of course this is done by outsourcing, but even then you’ve got to find the right writers and the right folk to build backlinks for you. Some internet marketing specialists have loads of websites to manipulate to make a fair living ; I don’t care how simple they say it is, it is not!

I’ll warn you though that there is a huge rate of attrition in both internet and network marketing because it’s simpler to fail than succeed, especially if you’re not willing to work hard.

When you start out it’s your J.O.B, and never should be regarded as a pursuit if you really need to be successful.

In either business, one of the main things you must understand is the easiest way to promote effectively and how, in network marketing especially, to generate a massive quantity of leads.

If you are prepared to get your business on the fast lane, and stop dillydallying around, wouldn’t you like to know the genuine secret of Internet marketing?
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