Why is having a Fanpage even necessary?

A Fanpage is necessary for business because according to Facebooks Guidelines, they prefer you to do business on your Fanpage. There are some cool benefits to doing business on you Fanpage.

Watch my  video to uncover why a fanpage is necessary?

If you find that you are in Facebook jail because you didn’t follow protocol, it’s ok we have all been there. Here is a free training to prevent your from ever getting in Facebook jail again especially if you got your ads account shutdown.

Since I have taken this training , I got insight I didn’t even think about and haven’t in Facebook jail since.

Talk Soon,
Your Friend and the Traveling Teacher,’
Daria Jackson-Legagneur

P.S. Got your Facebook Ad Account Shut down?

Watch this video to learn how to keep your Facebook ad account in



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Daria July 30, 2017 Internet Marketing