Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook

Do you want to move from chaos to control? Discover Yourself: A Personal Development Workbook helps adults focus on (re)discovering, examining, and developing their spirit, emotions, physical body, mental aspirations (purpose), and social selves through self-reflection and analysis. This workbook includes 5 quick and easy steps to self-discovery. Step 1 helps you get in tune with your inner-self; Step 2 helps you examine strengths and gaps about your emotions, physical body and your interactions with others; Step 3 gives you the opportunity to develop/refine your personal values and mission in life; Step 4 provides guidance on strategies and principles that will help you change unwanted behaviors and reach your goals; and Step 5 helps you develop positive intentions and set SMART goals. By taking time to reflect and re-evaluate your WHOLE self, you will feel healthier mentally and physically, and begin to remove blocks that prevent true happiness. Using your strengths, knowing your life’s purpose and nurturing yourself along the journey are all critical as you journey through life. This process requires will, determination and persistence. By (re)discovering self, you have the opportunity to improve your behavior, thinking, and your interactions with others by first making changes in yourself.

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