Anik Singal & Saj P’s Clickbank Wealth Formula

clickbankClickbank Wealth Formula was a digital product released in July 2010 by Anik Singal and Saj P promising to show in detail how to make millions online promoting affiliate products.

This is the basic formula:

1. Select one of the thousands of Clickbank products 2. Send folk to a squeeze page to collect an opt-in 3. Promote offers to them by e mail Unfortunately the product did not live up to all the hype and it has been removed from the web and is no longer available. Which is maybe a nice thing because plenty of honest, hard-working people stand to luck out big time when a product is “launched” with great fanfare and fails to supply. The individual investing a product like “clickbank wealth formula” loses, manifesty. They can always get there money back but they can no t get the time they invested reviewing and studying the product back. And, to complicate matters, what if a person is brand new to the world on Internet affiliate promotion and walks away disgruntled and disillusioned? It’s not only the unlucky buyers who suffer when they buy poor-quality products like Clickbank Wealth Formula. Many respected affiliates and collaboration partners lose their reps and can suffer financially by accidental y promoting such bad products. They also lose plenty of time and money because to push a product they write content, reviews and fairly often compile their own bonuses that go with the product. This is a sure way for any affiliate marketer in these circumstances to lose face, their customers who trusted their judgment become dubious about these affiliate marketers’ reputations. They advocated something that was pointless. Just by promoting it their reputation goes south along with the pathetic product.

Why were Folks so Disappointed by Clickbank Wealth Formula?

The issue with this product was that Anik Singal was up until then a very respected internet marketer who had previously produced some fantastic products. Folks were wildly passionate when he launched Affiliate Lecture room back in 2005 this was a product that trained online marketers and affiliate marketers from start to finish. When you joined Affiliate Class room you were led through a series of sessions that started with the basic concept s of internet marketing and then taken thr u to more complicated angles including S. E.O, the right way to implement and understand pay-per-click advertising and terminating with the best ways of getting a high ROI by employing the best conversion methodologies. In 2008, Anik was named one of Business Week’s Top twenty-five Best Young Entrepreneurs in America. He has made millions online in the affiliate marketing arena and has gone on to build a very successful business teaching and coaching others to how to make money online too. So it was wierd to read some of the negative reviews about the Clickbank Wealth Formula. It seem ed out of keeping with character. For example … “I bought Clickbank Wealth Formula and I ‘ ve been taking a look at it. The product appear s O.K as Anik shows the method s by which he earns money. What makes me insane is it does n’ t liv e up to any of the claims in the sales letters and there ‘s plenty of mistruths, the sales hype tells you things that are not delivered in the software.” “The Clickbank Wealth Formula is ok but might have been a lot better. The video quality I believe is poor and in a number of cases incompetent. It might have been far better if they had included templates and samples. They talk of capture pages but don’t give you example files. Something similar to that would have made the package a lot more valuable and relevant. If you’re curious … Go for it. But to be honest I don’t think you’ll be wow’ed by the key product.”

Here’s what is being said about the Clickbank Wealth Formula

“I just got CBW and I m definitely going to be asking for my cash back. I’m new to affiliate promotion and I was expecting to be shown the correct way to create a lucrative web site, that’s what the advertising letter declared. That advertising letter further said it might show you everything but when you get into the program they tell you they don’t go to show you any of the complicated stuff and I haven’t got the cash to spend having some body else do it for me which is what they suggest. I don’t even know where it’s possible to find the best folks to outsource to!”. “I just purchased Clickbank Wealth Formula. I wanted to give it leading marks simply because of Anik’s reputation. I doubt if I could get above giving it one star. The videos are terrible top quality and so small you could hardly see anything in them along with the sound levels change all of the time from video to video. I do not even feel that Anik created these videos himself as they’re all sorts of folks teaching the distinct sections.”

Bottomline: Clickbank Wealth Formula

Every product has a shelf life and the Clickbank Wealth Formula was no exception. After receiving a tremendous amount of refunds and many dozens of negative reviews, Anik Singal and Saj P pulled the plug on this one and it is no longer available. Even the original domain has been taken down. Oh well you win some and you lose some. Nice try guys. Better luck next time.


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