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Acai PlusMy  Review is one from an unbiased position. I am not affiliated with this company. I like to frequently review companies that are promoted in the Multi-level Marketing Industry.


If you are reading this Acai Plus Review you are probably looking for an opportunity or considering joining the company. I suggest that you read this review in its entirety before making a decision.

Acai Plus

Acai Plus, a subsidiary of Tri Unity International, Inc. was founded in 2007  by CEO Greg Gunderson. Acai Plus is a network marketing company which specializes in natural nutritional products to enhance energy, weight loss, mental clarity, and physical performance.

Acai Plus Products

TriUnity International, Inc. and Acai Plus market health and nutritional products using natural plants and minerals to boost energy, enhance brain and heart function, and lose weight.  The products are packaged in the form of  powdered energy drinks, capsules, and sublingual delivery strips.  The products are marketed as all natural alternatives to conventional treatment and supplements.


Fast Facts about Acai Plus

1.  Acai Plus was the first product that , launched the company in 2007.

2. Tri Thin Magic weight loss supplement was launched in September of 2009.

3. TriUnity International and Acai Plus also have exclusive marketing rights to a supplement called Feed My Brain.

Acia Plus Products

Acai Plusenergy drink is a nutritional supplement containing over 100 natural ingredients, featuring acai berry, mangosteen, aloe vera, yerba mate, various herbal teas, plus amino acid complexes and essential minerals.

Clear Heartnutritional supplement tablets which is  USDA-approved and American Heart Association recommended EDTA which has been proven useful in eliminating calcium and heavy metals from the system, which may improve heart, joint and kidney problems.

TriThin Magic– a blend of nutrients designed to help promote quick and healthy weight loss.  Ingredients include green coffee extract, banaba leaf, and guggulsterone, which provide natural energy and aid in calorie burning.  TriThin Magic can be purchased in capsule form or in sublingual strips.

TriSleep– a blend of nutrients designed to promote deep, restful sleep, ease jet lag, and alleviate anxiety.  Delivered via sublingual strips, ingredients include melatonin and huperzia serreta (a moss extract).

White Lightning – an energy drink mix prepared in individual servings, designed to quickly produce an energy lift that can last for hours.


So far this type of business proves to stand the test of time. However, the problem with the entire network marketing industry as whole is a lack of state of the art marketing training. Most companies train their reps to create a warm market list of family and friends to pitch business opportunity. Once that list is depleted, they are instructed to prospect strangers, in malls, local stores etc. If that is the extent of the training this company , looking outside this company for training might viable option.

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