4 Steps to building a Successful Business on Facebook

4 Steps to Building a Successful Business on Facebook

In today’s world its a no brain-er to be on Facebook.

Heck Facebook has over 1.3 billion users and still growing. Did I mention 48% login daily.

If you are not of Facebook, your competition is way a head of you. 

Many companies leverage their business on social media, mainly Facebook.


Here are 4 step simple steps you can employ to be successful on Facebook.

1. Build your Facebook Page

To build your Page, simply:

• Visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php to create your Page

• Use the Build Audience button and invite friends, family and employees to like your Page.

• Get your web address and promote it on all your marketing material by downloading free   Facebook signs.

Click here to download my Facebook Cheatsheet. How to build a successful business on facebook



2. Connect to new people with multiple well-targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allow you to:
• Grow your Page likes by offering valuable benefits and calls to action such as “LIke us to get exclusive sales” .
• Reach a large audience with a well targeted Ad campaign so you can reach more people.
3. Engage your audience with quality content
Your posting strategy allows you to:
Give your Page an authentic and consistent voice and encourage people to like and share your posts.
• Bring more customers to your store with Facebook Offers they can claim and share with their friends. 
4. Influence the friends of fans by promoting social activity from your Page
 Promoting your Page’s social activity allows you to:
• Drive awareness and promote interactions from people with your business .
• Increase the visibility of your audience’s engagement with your Page to generate word-of-mouth promotion.
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