7 Simple Steps For Starting Your Periscope

7 Simple Steps For Starting Your Periscope

What is Periscope?

Periscope is one of the HOTTEST Live-streaming Apps and connected app around these days. Easily start broadcast with one hit of a button.  Makes this app so hot is that it is directly tied to Twitter.


More Hot Facts About Periscope

  1. The giving and receiving of “hearts”. It allows for immediate visual audience feedback and also allows for broadcasters to respond and adjust their content to their audiences tastes.

2.   If you have some apprehension about getting in front of the camera, doing a live broadcast is a          great way start.

3. Periscope is a great place to hold webinars, conferences, training sessions, concerts, mastermind groups, or anything use you can think of.


So, how do you get started?

Below are 7 simple steps to start your periscope and have a successful one.

7 Simple Steps For Starting Your Periscope

1. Point the  camera at a image.

-Something pleasant, like a plant, photo, vase etc.

2. Welcome people by name.

– People like to be acknowledge. They will most likely stick around longer knowing that you have         noticed them.  You will see who joins your broadcast on the right side towards the bottom.

3. Engage with your audience.

– Ask questions that would require them to respond via chat. Throughout your presentation make sure your audience is with you.

4. Introduce Yourself.

– Make sure you inform your audience who you are and tell them what you about to teach them.

5. Stay on Topic.

– Prepare a little cheat sheet that outlines what you are going to talk about. You want to make sure    that your audience gets the content that they are looking for. Your retention rate will be higher also.

6. Ask for followers, hearts, and shares on Twitter

– People need to be told what to do. They will not follow you, share your content and show you love by giving hearts unless you ask.

7. Point your viewers where they can get more information from you.

– A System Campaign

– Your Blog

– Your Free Offer


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Daria Jackson-Legagneur


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